Baby Milestone Gallery

It's so silly, because it's so cliche, but HOLY COW babies grow fast!

You hear people say it, but you really have no idea until you have your own baby and you can't blink without them doing something new!

Let me capture those beautiful milestones for you to treasure as you watch your little one grow at the speed of light. We can't keep them little, but we sure can preserve the memories forever!

Milestone sessions are usually done at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months of age, but since all babies reach special milestones at different ages, I like to focus on what new skill your baby has reached! Smiling (around 3 months), Sitting (around 6 months), Pulling up/standing (around 9 months) and of course the Big One (12 months), which can be celebrated with a milestone session or the big shebang, with a cake smash!

Also, check out my bundle packages under the "Watch Me Grow" plan, to save some major moolah!

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